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I always felt that there was more to travelling than two weeks to yourself in a year owned by someone else. It’s not so much the suspension of reality as the realisation that reality is richer than a humdrum life would have you believe. It’s the thrill of not knowing what comes next. It’s living the joy of the ride and then jumping out of your seat before the seatbelt can trap you. It’s knowing that there’s an itch in your body that you can’t reach, but can only keep moving to keep it at bay.

Maybe it’s a little bit of running away as well. With the desire to seek the new – the faces, the places, the experiences – comes the chance to right the wrongs of yesterday, to wash the dirt off your hands and become anew in a place where nobody has seen you before.

It’s life in fast forward, and it’s better to live fast than not at all. It’s feeling completely at home in a place you’re yet to explore. It’s walking into a crowded hostel and feeling like you’re in the company of old friends. It’s catching the eye of someone beautiful, spending the night together, kissing goodbye the next day and moving on.

I don’t know what you live for, but I live for this: knowing that the world is beautiful despite what we’re doing to it; that the good outweighs the bad; that the truth is out there and will come to us if we just open our minds. Sometimes I have to get off Facebook when I find my faith in humanity dwindling, and I never take the mainstream media narrative as the last word. We are betraying the awesome powers of consciousness given to us if we do not seek to find things out for ourselves.

It’s no wonder to me that those who travel tend to be open-minded. Travelling – actual travelling, not package holidays – is all about smashing perceptions and tearing down boundaries. Breaking out of your immediate surroundings and the worldview that accompanies them, you realise just how small you are.

We live in a society where the dreamers are marginalised. Those who are obedient, distracted and starved of free time are praised for playing by the rules. Those who see life as an adventure are told to grow up and stop being naïve. Why the stigma on dreaming? Are we really just here to work and perpetuate an outdated system? In the Tao Te Ching it is written, “work when it’s time…do not contend, and you will not go wrong.” Not everything we do in life is what we want to do, and duties and responsibilities are not to be ignored. But they have a time and place and need not drown out everything else. By all means work your butt off, but for your and the world’s sake work for something you believe in.

Take control. They’ll steal your life if you give them a chance.

Lorenzo is the Editor-in-chief at Wayfaring Student. Coming from a mixed background and having grown up in South Africa, he is an avid traveler and writer. He is currently studying Arts and Culture at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands.

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