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5 Things to Know Before Considering a Job Abroad

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A job abroad is one of the most exciting opportunities to happen to someone in a career. It is also one of the most exciting ways to travel long-term. Working abroad will not only build your resume, but also give you a chance to explore a new country. Here are five important things to know before considering a job abroad. 

Do your homework

The very first thing to be done is research. You should know about the working and living conditions of the new place. It is very important to know about the relevant laws regarding taxes. Every country has its own rules and regulations regarding expatriates and one must know and respect them. There are countries which have very liberal policies while there are others which have quite strict rules and regulations. Therefore, it is essential to pre-run a background check on the country where you are going to relocate for work. Another important consideration is the economic state of the place where you are planning to relocate. There are some countries like Egypt which are constantly dealing with economic and social upheavals. Shifting there wouldn’t be safe and wise under such circumstances.

First secure a job, then move

If the purpose of your relocation is strictly work, then the most obvious thing to do is find a job that pays you well enough to sustain living in foreign land. The best thing would be to search for a job right before you relocate. This will avoid a lot of unwanted logistical nightmares and also make it easy for you to gain residential and work permits all in advance. However, if you are not able to do so, there is no need to get disheartened. There are many jobs that are readily available in foreign countries which you can apply to until you get the more serious work opportunities in your field. For instance, if you can start with teaching a language of your origin such as English, or train kids in painting, photography or whatever skill you have. Freelancing is another good option. You can take a look at the online websites that offer freelancing work opportunities.

Take advantage of online resources

From providing the necessary information through extensive expat guides and providing job opportunities to learning new technologies and languages, the online world can offer all that and more. There are e-guides that will answer all your queries and questions about moving abroad for work and educate you in global economic, social and cultural scenarios. One such very reliable resource guide is Internations expat guides.

Embassy sites of foreign countries are also a good resource to follow, as these sites have all the information about visas, and also provide reliable and trustworthy details about programs for entrepreneurs and jobseekers. Then you can take advantage of job sites to refer to international job opportunities.

Once you have set your eyes on a particular job, it is imperative to get trained in the skills and technologies required for that job; e-courses can help you. Also, language could become a barrier for you in the foreign land, and therefore, it is advised to get trained, online or offline, in the native language of the country in which you are going to work.

Pay attention to what other expats are saying

An important part of your research would be the surveys and blogs that successful expats have been a part of. One such survey is at the HSBC Expat Explorer Interactive site, where you can determine the rank of countries based on the factors that matter most to you, including earnings, health care, culture, and feeling welcome at work. Then there are websites from expats that give the experiences of people who’ve already made the move, and they often include job postings. The best websites which you should refer include names like expatfocus, expatnetwork, alloexpat, expatforum, expatwomen and expatinfodesk.

Your first day at work

The success of your stay abroad will depend a lot on how you spend your first day at work. After all, it will set the tone for the rest of your stay. In the beginning, everything will seem new and different. It is that time when most people feel nervous or uneasy, and makes it miserable for them. However, if you try to enjoy and learn from the new surroundings, jobs, and companies then you will find yourself more relaxed and happy. Always be as flexible as possible and meet as many new people as you can. This will enrich your learning experience abroad.

Happy stay abroad!

By Saurabh Tyagi

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