About Us

In February 2014, Ferdinand Götzen and David Bartos decided to found Wayfaring Student as a travel blog aimed at young backpackers seeking adventure. Soon after, David Ferenczi joined the project and it was incorporated as a company in London. For months, the project developed into an increasingly active community of young travellers and backpackers. That is when Wayfaring Student reached a crossroads.

After moths of hesitating on how to move forward, the directors of Wayfaring Student finally decided to move beyond travel blogging. With a diesire to inspire peoiple and help them pursue their dreams, whatever they may be, the team decided to transform Wayfaring Student into something much bigger and mnore meaningful than just a travel blog. Wayfaring Student is now an alternative new age media platform that centres around travel and lifestyle design and aims to inspire people to embrace life along with all the joys and freedoms it brings.



The world is changing. Travel is no longer a luxury and the age of internet startups is making many people question the old ways of working 9 to 5 in an office job.

The world is a beautiful place, but society often prevents us from discovering it. We are taught to play it safe, get a steady job and put off our hopes and dreams until retirement. This is not what life should be about. Life is about experiencing all there is to experience. It is about being kind to others, humans and animals alike. It is about caring for our planet and appreciating its natural beauties. It is about being happy and making the most out of the time we have. It is about being the best you that you can possibly be.

Whether you are a travelling hippy looking to get in touch with the beauties of nature, or a young startup entrepreneur travelling the world and creating new projects, or something in between; this is a platform for you.

Together we can undo the teachings of society and design our own lives in a way that inspires us and makes us happy.






Note: The views expressed by the authors of articles on this site do not represent the views of Wayfaring Student Ltd. We here at Wayfaring Student place great importance on our authors’ ability to freely express their personal opinion. In order to avoid becoming yet another standardised travel guide, we do not censor or edit out opinion unless it it is hurtful or discriminatory in any way.