Frankie Goes to Thailand

Frankie Goes to Thailand: Introduction

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Frankie goes to Thailand. Or actually, Frankie went to Thailand. In an attempt to avoid working on my BA thesis last May, I decided to tour through Thailand. Knowing that seeing the whole country within two weeks would be impossible, I decided to visit three places spread across the country. I started my trip in Bangkok, the largest city and capital of the country. After four days, I hopped on the night train to Chiang Mai; a city in the north of Thailand that I have fallen in love with. Four days later I boarded a plane to Phuket, in search of paradise.

Two weeks of Thailand hardly make me an expert on the country, and this series will therefore focus on my story and experiences travelling through the country. The first set of articles in this series will describe my trip chronologically from Bangkok to Chiang Mai to Phuket.The second set of articles will focus on specific things, such as Thai cuisine, diving, and an elaborate scam I was made the target of. The articles themselves will be somewhere in between a practical guide on the places I visited, based on my experiences, and a description of my story.

While you might have to wait until Thursday for the first article to be published, the video below is my Thailand trip in 3 minutes, and shows you what you can expect for this story!

A first practical tip for those of you who enjoy taking pictures and videos: I highly encourage everyone to get a GoPro or similar camera. All footage used in this video has been shot during my trip using a GoPro. It is basically point and shoot, the camera itself is lightweight and will fit in any pocket, the editing is easy, and the result is a great way to remember your trip! You might also want to consider buying a steadicam to avoid shakiness and a red filter for diving shots. Unfortunately I didn’t have neither, which explains some of the shakiness of handheld shots.

By Frank Mütze

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